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Balanced Power BMU-2500

Balanced Power BMU-2500

Balanced Power BMU-2500 Balanced Mains Unit


The best way to extract the full potential and sound quality from any Hifi system is to balance the mains. A Balanced Mains Unit (BMU) doesn’t provide the voltages to the equipment in a conventional manner. Whereas in an ordinary power supply, extension or direct wall connection will supply a live feed of 230-240v to the equipment, a Balanced Mains Unit will split this into two separate paths of 115-120v, which are individually isolated. Thus making both live and neutral connections carriers of the incoming voltage, split evenly and balanced into to symmetrical pathways and Hifi equipment absolutely thrives on it!


Our Balanced Power BMU-2500 will dramatically lower the noise floor of a system and remove any dc on the mains, eradicating it altogether, even in the most severe of situations and offer 24 hour consistency to the sound of the system..


The benefits of this ability is reflected in far greater timing capabilities, phase control and increased micro-detail resolution, within a greatly improved and sizeable soundstage which conveys exceptional realism and will allow the listener to truly hear what their system is capable of.


Quieter passages are more emotionally sophisticated with more complex passages presenting a more spacious and layered image, allowing the listener to depict every instrument and detail with ease.


The attributes of our balanced power supply will not in any way damage the musicality of a performance, in fact the BMU-2500 with its premium selected parts will increase musicality and naturalness, giving increased level of insight, effortlessness and refinement which will without doubt increase the duration of listening sessions.


Unlike most conditioning supplies which can squash dynamic reproduction and transients, along with sucking out midrange presence and top end air, the Balanced Power BMU-2500 will enhance and release this trapped energy and information, whilst still protecting the delicate electronics and not imparting a sonic signature or colouration of it’s own, giving the listener the most open of windows to display the music through. Music will make “more sense” than ever before, increasing pace, rhythm and timing dramatically.


We are very proud of our design and unlike others we have been able to implement it in a way that is just so unobtrusive, allowing the associated equipment to perform at it’s true potential.





The chassis on the Balanced Power BMU-2500 is made from thick anodised aluminium, with great resonance control due to its individually machined and fixed panels. The chassis’ top panel is also heavily dampened with specially chosen materials in order to make it more inert.


Inside the BMU-2500 is a range of extremely high quality and specifically chosen for high end audio usage components. Component choice in such a device is absolutely crucial for purity of the signal.


We use only the highest grade circuitry to ensure the clean flow of incoming mains supply and safety of output, manipulating it to behave in a more controlled manner prior to balancing. We do not compromising flow through conditioning or filtering circuits. Our design champions a short and unmolested signal path, which eradicates detrimental effects to the overall sound quality.


The rear sockets are chosen specifically for their tight fit and ultra-low resistive properties. Each socket has a spring loaded cap which snaps shut and protects the sockets from dust and moisture when not in use.


UK Customers - The orientation of the rear sockets are upside down, most of the time a power supply will be situated low down in a system’s configuration. For our UK customers this can be tricky due to the way power cables come out of the mains plus, so by orientating the sockets 180° allows for far easier connection and routing of power cables.



Safety In Mind


Most other Balanced Power Supplies have inferior end-user protection. There are some which have no safety aspects mounted on the outputs and others that use MCB type trip switches, such as those found in consumer unit’s and are certainly not specified for audio usage.


The issues which concern us and others are that if a the fuse in a UK style plug was to blow, the power cable itself would still carry half of the voltage (120v) to the connected equipment which in extreme cases could still result in deadly harm.


Our safety protection covers every wire in any mains cable attached to the outputs of the BMU-2500. Meaning if there is a fault on any part of the outputted electrical signal the entire array of balanced outputs will shut down.


We protect our balanced outputs with an audio specific trip which has gold plated circuit board tracks and gold plated connections along with high grade magnesium relays to ensure the integrity of the system and audio quality.


Users from other countries will also benefit from this protection, regardless of there not being a fuse in your countries designated plug type.



DC Blocking


The BMU-2500 also has a sophisticated DC Blocking circuit. Not only will this circuit enhance the background quietness of your listening sessions - it will also, in conjunction with the specially designed transformer isolate your equipment from the mains electrical ring in your home. Fridge/freezer pops and clicks, humming and other pink/white/brown noise from dirty and noisy appliances, switch-mode power supplies powering practically everything in your home and communal noises from power grid capacity loads at peak usage times will be eradicated, allowing for a far cleaner and more consistent sound, regardless of the time of day or night.





As well as having a very inert chassis, each Balanced Power BMU-2500 comes with a set of specifically engineered isolation feet.

These feet comprise of two CNC’d discs of a specially formulated APC (Aluminium Polymer Compound) which deals with micro-vibrations far more efficiently and effectively than its aluminium counterpart. Sandwiched between these two APC discs are three ceramic ball bearings - an excellent medium to convert vibrations into heat. The combination of materials is quite special and the effects very audible. These isolation feet support the already very solid chassis and of course reject external vibrations from reaching the power supplies circuitry itself.

  • Features

    • 2500 watts of power with an oversized transformer core to give better dynamic peaks, plenty enough for most systems with high powered amplifiers
    • Shortest signal path
    • Custom built High quality soft start circuitry with inrush protection to protect equipment
    • Custom built High quality DC blocking circuitry installed to prevent humming/noisy mains and stopping DC leakage from reaching delicate electronics
    • Audio grade dual trip output protection using gold connection points, gold PCB tracks and magnesium relays
    • Ultra high grade audiophile transformer
    • Extremely high grade audiophile internal wiring
    • Ultra high speed star-earthing system for excellent noise suppression into GHz levels
    • Additional earthing post for grounding of other equipment and cables
    • All wiring harnesses fully starred
    • Fully earthed chassis
    • Transformer is mounted using sorbothane rather than cheaper rubbers such as neoprene which is commonly found in most circumstances and uses an anti-vibration central core fixing point
    • Low resistance, high impact, dust and moisture free output sockets
    • High quality gold IEC input
    • Factor One custom isolation feet with ceramic bearings
    • Heavy duty, bespoke, custom chassis
    • High quality parts used throughout

    Dimensions: 430 (w) x 320 (d) x 115mm (h)

    Weight: 22kgs/48.5lbs

  • Warranty

    We offer a limited lifetime warranty on Balanced Power power supplies. It’s quite simple, as long as it hasn’t been damaged through malicious or accidental events we’ll repair it. Any other required work will be charged at cost plus labour. We are very reasonable and will take care of you and your purchase for the life of the unit.

  • Return Policy

    We offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee - just ensure the unit is returned to us in an as new condition and we will refund your original purchase price.

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