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Black Star Digital

Black Star Digital

BLACK STAR - Digital



BLACK STAR Digital cable excels at providing resonance-free and artefact-free digital transmission. Featuring incorporated management of source and destination impedance differences. This makes BLACK STAR Digital the most open, detailed and well timed digital cable. This all results in a highly realistic sound, which promotes clarity, stability and uncompromised musicality - music simply sounds as true to the original recording as you will get.



Linking Sound With Science


Disturbances which emanate from interconnecting cables that do not manage impedance matching will cause unwanted resonances or stray reflections in a cable. To understand this, imagine Newtons Cradle. If all the balls are not identical in weight, size, shape and position alignment then the energy doesn’t get neatly transferred from one side to the other.



Position Alignment Referencing (PAR) is a key element in the construction of the BLACK STAR system. The topology ensures accuracy of the interconnecting cable in order to eliminate cross-referencing resonances within the cable. The changing electrical fields in the wires can get trapped as electrical resonance if not accommodated for during the design process




The BLACK STAR Digital cable range has been developed to work on the very best audio systems. In this modern era a digital cable is right at the heart of many systems. BLACK STAR Digital with its uncompromising stable and controlled, barrier-less conduit for highly accomplished sources will convey all the texture and emotional drama of your chosen piece of music.



With minimal time delay and minimal self resonance due to our Position Alignment Referencing technology, BLACK STAR Digital cables excel at being the most musically sweet and accurate sounding digital cables on the market today.



Solonex Hybrid Conductor Array (SHCA) - we have employed a very special conductor array to our earthing system in the BLACK STAR system range of cables. This SHCA conductor is a specially formulated array of ultra pure copper and ultra pure silver strands bundled together in a specifically measured format which plays a huge role in quickly disbanding high-frequency noise to earth. The ability to remove distortion interactions at lightning speeds way up into the gigahertz field plays a big role in allowing BLACK STAR to have its incredibly black background and pin point timing culminating in a three dimensional holographic soundstage with precise imaging, giving the listener a true sense of realism and presence.




All BLACK STAR Digital interconnects cables are hand constructed from the ground up in house utilising an Ultra Pure Nordic Zero Crystal Copper in our custom nitrogen foamed dielectric which aids in the stability of our PAR system and are coupled with our Minimal Opportunity TC Plugs.



Minimal Opportunity TC Plugs


Our plug design is taken a step further with BLACK STAR - using Pure Tellurium Copper/ 24ct Gold Plated plugs use minimal amounts of metal and are more an extension of the conductors. They are lightweight, introduce no interferences and reduce inductance and capacitance to ensure that each plug has as little impact “Minimal Opportunity” on the cable as possible. We aren’t trying to enhance the performance of the cable by adding a plug made from exotic materials. Our goal is to minimise the effect of the plug on the cable period!




BLACK STAR encapsulates all the gems of knowledge and science that we have gleaned over 35 years of extensive work within the professional creation and reproduction sectors and now available for the most refined and capable home audio systems.






Key Features:


  • Solonex Hybrid Conductor Array
  • Virtually zero transmission delay
  • No echo or artefact loading allowing for zero colouration of the delicate audio signal
  • Position Alignment Referencing (PAR) minimises inter-conduction micro-vibrations, hum-loop inductance and interference susceptibility
  • Preserve data transition timing without slur or occurring jitter
  • Ultra Pure Nordic Zero Crystal Copper conductors
  • Minimal Opportunity TC Plugs to reduce the effect of a plug on a cable
  • Accurate cable resistance 75ohm RCA, 110ohm XLR (AES/EBU)
  • Hand made in the UK




    We use Royal Mail Special Delivery Insured Postage for our and our customers security. This is a before 1pm service.

    For some larger and International deliveries we use an appropriate courier.


    This product has a 30 day money back guarantee - all you are responsible for is return postage, unless the product is defective. A full refund will be processed on inspection of the returned item.

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