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Black Star Power Cable

Black Star Power Cable




Power Cables deliver energy - however and more importantly, they link to all powered components in an audio system making them absolutely critical and central in contributing to overall core stability and one of the most important cables in reducing distortions and creating the template for a low noise floor. By providing superior point to point transmission and minimising injection and proliferation of component power supply related noise - BLACK STAR strictly creates a solid component base and equally solid grounding system for building upon.



Linking Sound With Science


It is a common misunderstanding that the main function of power cables is to filter the incoming mains AC current. There is a certain amount of filtering that can be applied to a design in order to stop some pernicious mains borne noises and glitches form being so penetrating, which can benefit the power supplies of the equipment do their filtering job more efficiently, The most essential job of a mains cable however is to prevent those pernicious noises getting transferred onto the common audio reference that bonds the components in a system; that means, by means of cable geometry and filtering, to prevent noises being induced in the ground wire of cable.


Filtering, blocking or diffusion of interference getting onto the earth/ground wire is important, as the major factor for a well designed power system is to provide the cleanest signal reference ground from which all the components reference from. This ensures the most coherent carriage of signal from one piece of equipment to the next, with the least interference imposed between each unit.


Bearing this is mind, we are the first company to fully understand this principle and have addressed it with two unique and straight forward techniques. In our Carbon Screened cables, we provided a dispersive structure, which dissipates energy into a resistive screen. This screen has a set impedance so that once the energy is in the screen it does not then divert and dump it to ground at the mains plug - that would defeat the purpose. Instead, the interference energy is turned into heat before it gets there.


The second, and seemingly revolutionary technique for the BLACK STAR, is that the cables are laid onto a single plain. In this arrangement, the Neutral, which has zero volts on it (almost the same as the ground) is laid between the live conductor and the ground, thus providing a barrier between the two and ensuing the Earth is in a ‘Perfect Shadow’ from the high energy field around the Live conductor.


Another issue that most mains cables suffer from is that the conductors are optimised to operate at a mains frequency of 50 or 60 Hertz. Sound sensible? For safety, yes, but not for blocking noise. A basic cable will show different impedance characteristics at different frequencies; this means that it may ground the electronics together efficiently at say 50Hz but not so well at 5Hhz. A small amount of impedance in a wire at one frequency and not at another will cause a resonance and highlighting of the frequency where the raised impedance characteristic occurs.  A lot of pernicious interference is in the Kilohertz region, far beyond the 50 or 60 Hz mains frequency. 


Our BLACK STAR  series of cables is about the only one we know of that embraces this, and uses a ground wire that operates with very consistent characteristics from DC to Radio Frequencies, ensuring all the noise frequencies do not cause any potential difference between the components, from low frequencies, smoothly all the way up to radio frequency bands.


The BLACK STAR range of cables have been developed to work as a system by optimising grounding potentials, having the ability to quickly and effectively remove line related noise allowing for; better timing, image density, background silence and a more detail rich and overall controlled presentation free of colouration. The idea is to create pathways that are clear, unobstructed and smooth as opposed to configuring these pathways to best a specific sonic criteria, genre requirement or produce a cable which has certain or specific tonal attributes to tailor the sound of a system. BLACK STAR is a complimentary system which allows your chosen electronics to thrive in terms of negotiating the best possible link to one another and sounding at their most superior.


It is by reducing the impact of interaction between component’s power units in a system and reducing the impact of circulating (eddy) and the AC field currents on the audio ground plane that BLACK STAR lowers champion so sincerely. Even slightly lower noise levels will open up the window of definition and can dramatically increase resolution. It is within the finer resolution where the magical emotional details reside. BLACK STAR will, unequivocally resolve these emotional moments and create an atmosphere and connection to the music rarely found in other cables.


We performed extensive investigational research in home set-ups alongside live theatre, recording studios and mastering suites in order to learn how power and signal cables interact with equipment and more importantly how to create a cable set up that can dramatically alter how realistic a system reproduces sound.


Our plug design and new clamping system protects the cable more securely than before and gives better structural integrity, aiding in the retention of overall conductor geometry integrity. The metallics within the plugs are of a high copper content which combined with small amounts of other materials creates a more solid and robust structure, which is then gold plated in order to combat oxidisation rather than enhance the sound. An unplanted raw conductor is still by far the best way to transmit electrical energy and reduce anomalies such as skin effect or resulting timing errors, this combination has been found to be one of the best compromises in overall strength and sound quality over solid silver or copper which oxidise rapidly uncoated.


Conductor materials in the BLACK STAR Power are strict and carefully formulated for the intended purpose. A high purity Nordic Copper Conductor is used for live and neutral lines. U like many mains cables where large unwieldy designs are necessary to recreate the full musical spectrum BLACK STAR Power can resist from using these over-sized, made for effect solutions by properly integrating the chosen materials alongside carefully formulated dielectrics concepts and our PAR - Position Alignment Referencing procedures to offer a more flexible, robust and usable solution.

  • SHCA - Solonex Hybrid Conductor Array

    Solonex Hybrid Conductor Array (SHCA) - we have employed a very special conductor array to our earthing system in the BLACK STAR system range of cables. This SHCA conductor is a specially formulated array of ultra pure copper and ultra pure silver strands bundled together in a specifically measured format which plays a huge role in quickly disbanding high-frequency noise to earth. The ability to remove distortion interactions at lightning speeds way up into the gigahertz field plays a big role in allowing BLACK STAR to have its incredibly black background and pin point timing culminating in a three dimensional holographic soundstage with precise imaging, giving the listener a true sense of realism and presence.

  • PAR - Position Allignment Referencing

    Position Alignment Referencing (PAR) is a key element in the construction of the  BLACK STAR system. The topology ensures accuracy of the connecting cable in order to eliminate cross-referencing resonances within the cable. The changing electrical fields in the wires can get trapped and set up as micro-vibrations if not accommodated for in the design process.

  • Key Features

    Key Features:

    • Incredibly low noise floor through grounding optimisation
    • Solonex Hybrid Conductor Array (SHCA) Earthing System - high frequency noise destruction at high speeds
    • Perfect Shadow Earthing Configuration
    • Massive reduction in Circulating and AC Field Currents
    • Position Alignment Referencing (PAR) minimises inter-conduction micro-vibrations, hum-loop inductance and interference susceptibility
    • Less inter component interaction and back bone stability, enhancing the resolution and emotionally attachment to the music
    • High Purity Nordic Copper conductors 
    • Hand built in the UK

    We use Royal Mail Special Delivery Insured Postage for our and our customers security. This is a before 1pm service.

    For some larger and International deliveries we use an appropriate courier.


    This product has a 30 day money back guarantee - all you are responsible for is return postage, unless the product is defective. A full refund will be processed on inspection of the returned item.

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