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Black Star Speaker

Black Star Speaker

BLACK STAR - Speaker



Cables have electrical properties and characteristics that lead to resonance in the connection between the amplifier and speaker. This means ‘colouration’ in the resulting sound. Reducing these gives the amplifier firm and immediate command of the speaker’s motion (providing that the amplifier itself is technically capable of driving the transducer loads) resulting in a sound that tracks the original audio more closely.


BLACK STAR Speaker cable excels at providing this firm, resonance and artefact-free audio link, and is probably the most perfect speaker cable. The results is that your speakers simply sound as true as they can with BLACK STAR speaker cable.



A speaker has two core objectives to meet


1.  Provide a link to give the amplifier immediate control of speaker voltages.

2.  Not leave any vestige of artefact of its own in the character of the sound.


The output of a power amplifier is a very reactive stage - if the voltage on the binding post terminals is not what it should be, then an amplifier will very quickly adjust it’s energy reservoir to impress the correct voltage on the binding posts. This is especially so with a high-damping factor (high Q) amplifier.


 The assumption is that the voltages and currents at the speaker’s binding posts are identical to those at the amplifier’s binding posts, so that the speaker motions are in direct control of the amplifier. So what could possibly go wrong?


Cables transfer energy by setting up a field around the conductors. This takes time, and is slowed by factors such as dielectric, resistance and wire construction.


Cables have electrical characteristics that have a tendency to store energy - then introduce it as elasticity as the link between the amplifier’s output and the speakers. Think of the speaker cable in terms of a steering wheel made from a stretchy elastic substance on a racing car, although a competent driver knows what level of input to feed into the steering wheel, it’s poor ability to translate the input to the wheels leaves for poor control over the car or in relative terms, the audio system. 


Of course firm and immediate control means that whatever happens at the amplifier’s output is happening instantaneously at the speaker’s input, meaning the amplifier is commanding the speaker’s motion directly. 


Speaker drivers will also have their own resonances or stray movements which cause a back-voltage, With tight control the back voltage is firmly and immediately countered by the amplifier’s damping factor control. This means that a well designed speaker cable will play a significant role in controlling unwanted speaker motion and therefore give a more controlled and tighter sound.


Ultimately the resonance of a cable’s electrical characteristics requires removal, as these can causes energy to become trapped at specific frequencies. As such electromagnetic vibrations in cables have to be designed to minimise this. Which is where our specific SHCA conductor treatments, internal structure, dielectric density and Position Alignment Referencing techniques come into play.



SHCA - Solonex Hybrid Conductor Array.


Solonex Hybrid Conductor Array comes from many years of technical design work and thorough measuring, using in-house modified precision measuring equipment. Each SHCA conductor is comprised of a specifically formulated number of our Nordic Copper strands which have gone through vigorous extrusion casting methods, strengthening and annealing processes to create an Angel Hair softness with a huge, summed conducting surface area conductor which is ultra flexible, distinguishing itself from most other UP-OCC type high purity copper cables.


Much like the copper portion of the conductor array our 4N Silver is treated to the same processes as it’s copper counterpart.

The integration of silver into the Hybrid Array needs to be very carefully positioned so that that when bundle together with the copper it has the same directional flow speed so that not to cause timing errors and distortions. Stringent measurements, along with many hundreds of hours of group listening tests with some of the pro and home audio’s industries leading professionals have played part in creating a sonic balance which is both natural and rich in musical information, without ever colouring the presentation.


SHCA is a hybrid conductor array which minimises skin effect, phase distortions and maximises timing accuracy, which when used as a primary conductor, such as in the Reference Plus range of cables and as part of the high speed earthing system in BLACK STAR it lends itself to creating superior benefits over application.



For BLACK STAR SHCA has been tweaked even further.


Striking as it looks, BLACK STAR Speaker sounds even better! 

SHCA in BLACK STAR has been modified and tweaked to a degree where performance is amplified by several levels. Each conductor has a radically new laid out internal format, alongside some complimentary dielectric tweaks.

A central stabilising core and a new geometry all combine in giving BLACK STAR the ability to compete with the best speaker cables on the market and reside in some of the most esoteric of home and pro audio systems alike.


BLACK STAR Speaker creates the most natural vocals, is natural in tone, natural in dynamics, natural in reflecting acoustic space and decays, rich in detail has a full range no compromise bandwidth and resolution, and most importantly sounds utterly realistic - connecting you directly to the heart of the performance like never before.



BLACK STAR encapsulates all the gems of knowledge and science that we have gleaned over 35 years of extensive work within the professional creation and reproduction sectors and now available for the most refined and capable home audio systems.



Key Features:


  • Solonex Hybrid Conductor Array (SHCA) 
  • Accurate amplifier to speaker coupling
  • Position Alignment Referencing (PAR) minimises inter-conduction micro-vibrations, 
  • Incredibly low noise floor using PAR and SHCA optimisation
  • No induced colouration of the sound due to energy propagation  
  • High purity copper plugs (gold plated)
  • Ultra Pure Nordic Copper conductors 
  • Hand built in the UK





    We use Royal Mail Special Delivery Insured Postage for our and our customers security. This is a before 1pm service.

    For some larger and International deliveries we use an appropriate courier.


    This product has a 30 day money back guarantee - all you are responsible for is return postage, unless the product is defective. A full refund will be processed on inspection of the returned item.

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