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Carbon Screened Mains Cable

Carbon Screened Mains Cable

Carbon Screened Power


Carbon Screened is a very unique cable.

For a long time now manufacturers and users alike have debated the benefits and disadvantages of screened cables. Un-screened cables tend to sound more open and freer sounding, yet can be susceptible to airborne interference such as EMI and RFI. Screened cables, although when done correctly whilst protecting the system from such interferences can sound closed in, restricting dynamic information and overall detail, which can be harmonically less emotional in musical terms.


Carbon Screened is designed to combat these issues head on by finding a middle ground between the two approaches.


Heavy or multiple layers of screening can for want of a better term muffle the sound of a quality power cable, so in order to combat this a lesser amount of screening can be employed, however any level of metal screening can have cause it’s own issues.


Our Carbon Infused sub-layer has a two-fold advantage. Firstly the proprietary soft polymer sleeve has incredible anti-vibrational advantages, maintaining conductor stability even at more optimistic bend circumferences and secondly is infused with conductive carbon particles to catch and repel EMI and RFI from interfering with the precious conductors, draining to ground with the most minimal amount of metal possible to maintain the Carbon Screened reference standard of performance.


Ultra Pure Nordic copper creates the basis of this intelligent mains cable.

The dielectric is made from a slightly hardened silicone, which again adds strength and flexibility. Signal speed is fast and this results in excellent timing properties without smear or brightness.


Carbon Screened is one of the very best and most affordable upgrades to any well put together system.

There is no sonic signature yet huge sonic benefits. Carbon Screened will give your system solidity and allow it to breathe and express itself more confidently.





3 x 1.5mm² cross section UPOCC Ultra Pure Nordic Copper

Carbon Infused proprietary shielding configuration

Semi-hardened silicone dielectric

Additional vibration control

Highly flexible and incredibly strong

Overall diameter

Country specific plug options available


    This product has a 30 day money back guarantee - all you are responsible for is return postage, unless the product is defective. A full refund will be processed on inspection of the returned item.


    We use Royal Mail Special Delivery Insured Postage for our and our customers security. This is a before 1pm service.

    For some larger and I ternational deliveries we use an appropriate courier.

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