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Figure Of 8 Power

Figure Of 8 Power

Figure 8 Power


Figure 8 mains cable utilises our unique SHCA conductors.
A specially designed 2-core cable to upgrade the power cable commonly used in home audio and video applications such as a Bluesound Node or Vault Streamer, Sonos products and other Smart Speakers, Soundbars, Sky TV boxes, Televisions and more.

SHCA - Solonex Hybrid ConductorArray is a unique blend of Ultra Pure Single Crystal Copper strands mixed with Ultra Pure 4N Single Crystal Silver Strands - no silver plating, which causes timing errors and phase distortions leading to a grainy and harsher presentation. The benefits of this approach are such that the conductors can be arranged in bundles to equalise flow speed, maximise clarity and respectfully reproduce tonal qualities in a very organic manner.

What are the benefits of this?

In terms of sound quality - Studio Connections Figure 8 will give the listener a larger and deeper soundstage, with more detail retrieval, more realistic vocals, deeper more tuneful bass, better dynamics and more air and space around instruments and of course the most important aspect to the sound presentation is that it is more natural and believable.

In terms of visual quality - Studio Connections Figure 8 when used on TVs and TV boxes alike will offer a more vivid and lifelike colour spectrum with better saturation, darker blacks and more importantly more black level details. Overall contrast is more naturally presented, removing over-exposed whites in order to display a more thorough palette of highlights. Picture depth is also enhanced  more realistically and has less graining.

A fantastic cable to upgrade the performance of any associated equipment.





  • SHCA - Solonex Hybrid Conductor Array
  • Ultra High Purity Nordic Copper and Silver (non-silver plated) connectors
  • Balanced and natural sound 
  • Organic visuals - including greater black point details, white balance, colour saturation and image depth
  • Unique foamed dielectric, more air than standard dielectrics and less static charge
  • Twisted geometry to reject airborne noise
  • High content Silver soldered connections for higher transmission quality
  • Made in the UK

    We use Royal Mail Special Delivery Insured Postage for our and our customers security. This is a before 1pm service.

    For some larger and International deliveries we use an appropriate courier.


    This product has a 30 day money back guarantee - all you are responsible for is return postage, unless the product is defective. A full refund will be processed on inspection of the returned item.

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