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Sublink High Level

Sublink High Level

The Sublink High Level Subwoofer cable is an upgraded subwoofer cable for REL subwoofers and other brand subwoofers which utilise a Speakon type connection for high level signal input from the amplifier or speakers. It also can be used to connect a REL Arrow or Airship wireless system.


The Sublink High Level will give tighter, deeper, more extended and richer Bassline performance, dramatically improving bass response and integration with the main speakers.



Our SHCA - Solinex Hybrid Conductor Array has been specifically formulated for a “high level” input of subwoofers and configured to meet the exacting electrical standards required to get the absolute best from your REL or other branded subwoofer utilising this connection type.


Available in multiple lengths including shorter runs for REL Stacks.


SHCA - Solonex Hybrid ConductorArray is a unique blend of Ultra Pure Single Crystal Copper strands mixed with Ultra Pure 4N Single Crystal Silver Strands - no silver plating, which causes timing errors and phase distortions leading to a grainy and harsher presentation. The benefits of this approach are such that the conductors can be arranged in bundles to equalise flow speed, maximise clarity and respectfully reproduce tonal qualities in a very organic manner.


Solonex Hybrid Conductor Array comes from many years of technical development and design work, utilising in-house modified precision measuring equipment. Each SHCA conductor is comprised of a specifically formulated number of our specially chosen Ultra Pure Nordic Copper which have gone through vigorous extrusion and casting methods, strengthening and annealing processes to create an Angel Hair softness with a huge, summed conducting surface area which is ultra flexible, distinguishing itself from most other UP-OCC type high-purity copper cables.


Much like the copper portion of the conductor array our 4N Silver is treated to the same processes as it’s copper counterpart.

The integration of silver into the Hybrid Array needs to be very carefully positioned so that that when bundle together with the copper it has the same directional flow speed so that not to cause timing errors and distortions giving better accuracy and signal stability. Stringent measurements, along with many hundreds of hours of group listening tests have played part in creating a sonic balance which is both natural and rich in musical information, without ever colouring the presentation.

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