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Sublink LFE

Sublink LFE

Sublink LFE



Utilising our proprietary SHCA Conductors Sublink LFE brings you closer to the drama of the performance. Be it a riveting puece of music or the drama of an action scene. Our carefully designed wire will convey more detail, bandwidth and harmonious synergy between the main speakers and and subwoofers in any 2-Channel or Home Theartre system, enhancing speed and precision.



SHCA - Solonex Hybrid Conductor Array.


SHCA - Solonex Hybrid ConductorArray is a unique blend of Ultra Pure Single Crystal Copper strands mixed with Ultra Pure 4N Single Crystal Silver Strands - no silver plating, which causes timing errors and phase distortions leading to a grainy and harsher presentation. The benefits of this approach are such that the conductors can be arranged in bundles to equalise flow speed, maximise clarity and respectfully reproduce tonal qualities in a very organic manner. Reference Plus is a finely tuned, textured and realistic sounding cable which imparts almost no colouration into the sound.


Solonex Hybrid Conductor Array comes from many years of technical development and design work, utilising in-house modified precision measuring equipment. Each SHCA conductor is comprised of a specifically formulated number of our specially chosen Ultra Pute Nordic Copper which have gone through vigorous extrusion and casting methods, strengthening and annealing processes to create an Angel Hair softness with a huge, summed conducting surface area conductor which is ultra flexible, distinguishing itself from most other UP-OCC type high purity copper cables.


Much like the copper portion of the conductor array our 4N Silver is treated to the same processes as it’s copper counterpart.

The integration of silver into the Hybrid Array needs to be very carefully positioned so that that when bundle together with the copper it has the same directional flow speed so that not to cause timing errors and distortions. Stringent measurements, along with many hundreds of hours of group listening tests with some of the pro and home audio’s industries leading professionals have played part in creating a sonic balance which is both natural and rich in musical information, without ever colouring the presentation.


SHCA is a hybrid conductor array which minimises skin effect and phase distortions and maximises timing accuracy, which when used as a primary conductor, such as in the Reference Plus range of cables and as part of the high speed earthing system in BLACK STAR it lends itself to creating superior benefits over application.





Throughout the twisted configuration of Sublink LFE we use natural cotton and silk as a dampening material. Both materials are well know for their dielectric capabilities and abilities to absorb micro-vibrations in  cables and here we settle for nothing less than the best method to enhance the technical parameters already so carefully employed in Sublink LFE. 


Critical plug design


Our enhanced connectors are heavily silver plated/high copper content which are highly polished to remove micro-pitting giving a far greater contact area decreasing resistance. Our tests found that with many subwoofers such as REL, BK, Revel, M&K, B&W amongst others benefitted greatly in enhanced ultra-low level detail retrieval with our silver plated plugs in combination with our premium Reference grade SHCA conductors. 


Bass notes became more tuneful and expressive with a far greater ability to pull more information from bandwidth extremes, even in the sub 20hz region. This is the only cable we produce with silver plugs and we have specifically chosen the design after multiple hours of listening tests in home theatre and home audio applications alike.



Our Sublink LFE plugs are specifically selected for their locking abilities.


Each plug will securely clamp to the LFE phono socket and corresponding subwoofer socket for a safe connection. Two cables can be used for stereo based applications.


If a subwoofer cable becomes loose for any reason it will cause high levels of hum and thumps which is known to damage amplifiers and speaker cones - our screw tight connections are incredibly difficult to accidentally pull free thus protecting your expenses and cherished equipment at both ends.



A non-reflective cable running around your room


We chose a jet black sleeving for this cable, specifically to enable our customers with high-end theatre rooms to keep in-line with the zero reflective light ethos undertaken during construction to maximise direct image quality and maintain a reflective free environment.





  • SHCA - Solonex Hybrid Conductor Array
  • Ultra High Purity Nordic Copper and Silver (non-silver plated) connectors
  • Silk and cotton micro-vibration dampers
  • Unique foamed dielectric, more air than standard dielectrics and less static charge
  • Twisted geometry to reject airborne noise
  • Heavily Silver plated locking high strength copper alloy connectors
  • Non-reflective sleeving for a stealth-like install
  • Made in the UK





    We use Royal Mail Special Delivery Insured Postage for our and our customers security. This is a before 1pm service.

    For some larger and International deliveries we use an appropriate courier.


    This product has a 30 day money back guarantee - all you are responsible for is return postage, unless the product is defective. A full refund will be processed on inspection of the returned item.

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