Here at Factor One, our products are created with the highest quality materials and assembled with the most advanced techniques available. From ideation through execution, we are proud of everything we produce here. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with our products just like all of our past customers. Check out our selection below.



Monitor is a range first developed for Abbey Road Studios. The brief was to design a cabling system that didn’t colour the sound and was true to the recording source. A combination of carefully selected materials and geometric properties took Monitor into the recording environment, replacing many previous brands’ place as the new control for connecting the electronics, enabling recording and mastering sessions to be more productive for the engineers.


The Reference Plus Series of Audio Cables are an evolution of Monitor. Reference Plus offers a wider dynamic range and resolution. Reference Plus has even better timing and soundstage structure and image saturation. Built from the knowledge gained through Monitor, employing even stricter electrical matching of the equipment, conducting an exemplary audio signal, with a transparent and neutral, un-coloured sound for an unimpeded sonic performance. Reference Plus has been the popular choice of many sound engineers and audiophiles alike for home use due to its ability to "get out of the way" so well, allowing a system to impart its own sonic signature on the sound.



The Black Star System is a range of audio cables which are developed with a new scientific approach. Employing strict methods in geometry and a ultra high speed earthing system. Black Star’s performance has incredible insight into the music with impeccable resolution, timing, inner detail retrieval and incredibly natural dynamics and decays which will breath a new found love in the connected electronics. Black Star conveys all the emotion and believability of performances to the listener. a smooth, controlled and grain free presentation that will simply stun. This is, how your equipment really sounds!


The Carbon Screened Mains Cable is a carefully constructed source of power to any piece of audio equipment. Adopting techniques learned over many years of research and development in professional and home users systems, the Carbon Screened Mains Cable is a leader in its class, its price range will rivals many power cables costing far more. Carbon Screened will open up the entire sonic platform while retaining the drive and rhythm of a well thought out system bringing out all the tonal weight and sparkle of each piece of music in a wonderfully balanced and coherant manner.