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OMEX is a range of Isolation products which enhance audio performance to a new found level, giving a far greater and more compelling audio experience through the reduction of mitigating vibrations which damage the signals integrity.

Rather than change the character of a system, Symphony will simply enhance it.

Balanced Power BMU-2500

Balanced Power | Balanced Mains Units

Balanced Power specializes in crafting exceptional power supplies that revolutionize the way your delicate audio equipment receives and utilizes power. Our meticulously designed Balanced Power BMU-2500 balanced mains unit provides unrivaled stability, ensuring rock-solid grounding solutions and full equipment protection, whilst delivering a consistently voltage-stable stream of clean isolated power.

Studio Connections

Studio Connections cable systems are truly exceptional, with a sound quality which is both highly natural and highly informative. We personally use Studio Connections cabling and very highly recommend their products, which can be found in our online Store.


Studio Connections cabling is a true high-end performer, featuring in dozens of high-end audio systems such as DCS, Vitus, Krell, Audio Research, Devialet, Aavik, Kii, Bricasti, Jadis, Kondo and many more, along with the professional sector - including some of the most well known studios, mastering suites, theaters, nightclubs, schools for music and many other high-end audio venues.

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