Applying the strictest of scientific rules to produce a system wide loom where each cable electrically compliments its specific application. With a new high speed earth system Black Star reaches levels of performance to meet the demands of discerning high-end systems. Timing, control, dynamics and resolution meet exquisite tonality, timbre and realism that belie its price point - a true high-end enthusiasts choice.




The Black Star Interconnect comes in either a single-ended RCA or balanced XLR configurations. In its latest revision is compatable with valve and solid state systems alike, with no sonic differences. Its quiet background and ability to retrieve the most intricate of details, presented in a beautifully musical manner will have any listener falling in love with their system all over again.
The science behind the Black Star Interconnect is one which the company holds dear to its heart. Its sleek and elegant styling is understated, however its technical construction is nothing short of impressive. Black Star Analogue Interconnects are the bloodlines in a high-end ausio system.


The Black Star Digital cable is built to compliment its analogue counterparts and sits electrically perfect within the Black Star System. Black Star Digital is an analogue sounding non-fatiguing cable which passes a pure jitter free signal at any resolution and bit rate capable from the source component. Available in both single ended RCA and balanced AES/EBU (XLR) formats. The Black Star Digital is tried and tested for dual AES connections from such components as DCS and favored by many users for its sound quality, ability to securely and quickly lock, allowing for the highest sample rates available to be accuratly produced.



The Black Star Speaker cable is an absolute triumph in design. This heavy gauge speaker cable is the unrestricted path to the expression of the music. with he ability to convey all the emotion and realism of a performance, users have commented extensively on how their system breathes more effortlessly without any strangulation of dynamics or delicacies. Every detail and nuance is expressed with Black Star Speaker cable. Its bandwidth is endless and its conviction in producing the very best signal possible to the loudspeakers will give a new lease of life to music.


Studio Connection's mantra is to "get the power to a system sorted first". with correct earthing and routing of power to a system its interconnecting status will be solid.grounding loops and hum caused by poor power are one of the biggest detriments to a systems full potential. in order to retrieve all information backgrounds must be silent. Black Star power will feed un-impaired power to each component with a high-speed earthing configuration that removes noise exceeding 10ghz and far beyond the human threshold to detect. Black Star Power will allow a system to sond more relaxd and effortless, allowing every micro -detail to flow unimpeded. A neutral, un-coloured, non-fatiguing and balanced sonic signature is achieved with Black Star Power.