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Balanced Power BMU-2500


Open up your soundstage and hear what you've been missing

Unparalleled Stability:

Experience a new level of stability in power distribution with our innovative Balanced Mains Units. We understand the critical importance of clean and stable power delivery whilst maintaining a solid grounding system to eliminate electrical noise and interference. Our units are carefully engineered to establish and maintaining a reliable and robust connection, providing a stable foundation for your entire audio system. Say goodbye to power-related fluctuations and embrace a truly stable power supply.

Clean Power, Unleashed:
Harness the power of clean energy with Balanced Power. Our Balanced Mains Units go beyond stability and also ensure the delivery of the cleanest power to your beloved electronics. We utilize intelligent DC filtering technologies  along with bespoke audio grade transformers and other audio-grade components to eliminate unwanted noise, harmonics, and interference from the incoming power. The result? A cleaner, purer power stream that allows your audio components to perform at their absolute best. Experience enhanced clarity, improved dynamics, and a more faithful reproduction of your audio content all within a more open and highly informative soundstage with the blackest backgrounds.

Craftsmanship at Its Finest:
At Factor One, we take pride in the craftsmanship of our products and our Balanced Power Balanced Mains Unit is no exception. Each unit has been meticulously designed and handcrafted using premium-grade components and materials. Our dedication to excellence ensures that every unit meets the highest standards of quality and performance. From its thick aviation grade aluminium resonant controlled chassis, our vibration controlling isolation feet and transformer mounting system. Our implementation of its short path circuitry, magnesium relays and safety features ensure fantastic system safety, support and most importantly - great sound quality!

With Balanced Power, you can trust that you are investing in a power supply that not only delivers exceptional results but also stands the test of time.

Unleash the Potential:

With Balanced Power, you're not just investing in a power supply – you're unlocking the true potential of your audio system. By providing stable and clean power, our Balanced Mains Units creates an ideal environment for your delicate electronics to thrive. Enjoy a more immersive audio experience, with a heightened sense of realism that remains consistent day or night. Elevate your audio system to new heights with the power of stability and clean energy.

How Mains Quality Affects Audio Performance

The quality of mains power can have a significant impact on the performance of audio equipment. The mains power that is supplied to an audio system can be affected by a range of factors, including the quality of the electrical grid, the presence of electromagnetic interference (EMI), and the characteristics of the equipment being used.

One of the main ways that mains quality affects audio performance is through the presence of electromagnetic interference (EMI). EMI is a type of electrical noise that can be caused by a range of sources, including other electronic equipment, power lines, and even natural phenomena such as lightning. When EMI is present in the mains power supply, it can interfere with the operation of audio equipment, causing distortion, noise, and other unwanted effects.

Another factor that can affect mains quality is the condition of the electrical grid itself. The electrical grid is a complex network of power lines, transformers, and other equipment that deliver electricity to homes and businesses. The grids performance fluctuates dramaticaly over a 24 hour period in conjunction with busier times of the day, creating more noise, detectable whilst listening to delicate equipment such as an audio system. Large current drawing can cause voltage fluctuations and other issues that can like-wise affect overall quality of sound.

The characteristics of the equipment being used can also have an impact on mains quality and audio performance. For example, some audio equipment may be more sensitive to voltage fluctuations than others, meaning that they are more likely to be affected by poor mains quality. Similarly, some equipment may generate electrical noise from poorly implemented or more cost_effective switch-mode type power supplies that can interfere with other components in the system, further degrading performance. Not to mention the industion of noise from white goods, such as fridge freezers, electric heaters and fans.

So, why is mains quality important for audio performance? The reason is simple: high-quality mains power is essential for achieving optimal performance from audio equipment. When the mains power supply is clean and stable, audio equipment can operate at its best, delivering clear, distortion-free sound. On the other hand, poor mains quality can significantly degrade the performance of audio equipment, resulting in distortion, noise, and other unwanted effects.

There are several ways to improve mains qualit. One approach is to use power conditioners or voltage regulators, which can help to filter out electrical noise and stabilize voltage fluctuations. Another approach is to use high-quality power cables and connectors, which can help to reduce EMI and RFI to improve the overall quality of the mains power supply.

Mains quality is a critical factor in achieving high-quality audio performance. By understanding the ways in which mains quality can affect audio equipment and taking steps to improve it, audio enthusiasts and professionals can ensure that their systems are operating at their best. Whether through the use of power conditioners, high-quality cables, or other measures, it is essential to pay attention to mains quality in order to achieve optimal audio performance.

Our approach is different to a traditional filtering or conditioning power supply. We isolate the incoming electrical supply with a large, custom and meticulously built especially for Factor One transformer to isolate and thus eliminate distortions on the incoming mains caused by external anomalies. We also intelligently manage and dump any detrimental DC current on the AC wave and securing it safely to ground, ensuring it cannot reach the delicate electronics of the system. A combination of other mains strategies and safety measures are employed in our balanced mains units to ensure the cleanest, most reliable and efficient power delivery possible to the equipment, without the use of traditional conditioning components which damage the sound - allowing the music to sound at its very best.

The Benefits of Balanced Power

Factor One's Balanced Power BMU-2500 balanced power supply offers several advantages in enhancing audio performance:

1. Minimized Electrical Noise: By employing a custom made transformer to isolate the incoming polluted mains supply, the introduction of electrical noise and interference into the audio signal is significantly reduced. Such noise can distort the signal and compromise sound clarity. With reduced electrical noise, audio equipment can operate optimally, maximizing performance.

2. Enhanced Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Our balanced power supply improves the signal-to-noise ratio of audio equipment through carefully planned out circuitry, audio grade components, short signal paths and an overall low measured capacitance and resistance. This means that the electrical signal once isolated can flow without generating any secondary distortions. Which means that music is more natural, more expressive, having a perceivabaly wider bandwidth devoid of unwanted noise, such as hiss or hum. By mitigating noise and improving the signal-to-noise ratio, our BMU-2500 balanced power supply elevates audio quality to the next level.

3. Stable Voltage Output: Audio equipment benefits from a stable voltage provided by a balanced power supply, ensuring consistent performance throughout various times of the day. A stable voltage minimizes distortion and enhances the accuracy of the audio signal, contributing to a more reliable and enjoyable listening experience.

4. Enhanced Grounding: Our balanced power supplies facilitate improved grounding for audio equipment, effectively minimizing issues like ground loops and interference that can affect the audio signal. By offering cleaner and faster grounding methods we optomise cross-talk and local feedback for a much quieter background and enhanced detail retrieval.

Moreover, our balanced power supply can extend the lifespan of connected equipment by reducing the impact of electrical noise and interference that cause long-term damage or wear. Unbalanced incoming AC power can lead to humming or hissing, electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI) and DC leakage which will inevitably flow through the electronics of an audio system as it loops through the home or studio. Such interference can result in equipment malfunction, performance degradation, and premature failure of components and shorter periods between servicing.

A balanced power supply offers reduced electrical noise, an improved signal-to-noise ratio, stable voltage output, and enhanced grounding. These benefits collectively contribute to a significant enhancement in audio performance, providing a superior listening experience. Furthermore, a balanced power supply safeguards connected equipment, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining optimal performance over time.

The Benefits of DC Blocking

Direct current (DC) is a constant flow of electrical charge that travels in only one direction. In an alternating current (AC) system, DC can cause significant problems, including equipment damage and electrical safety hazards. At very least DC will cause humming, buzzing, hissing and popping sounds from speakers. DC blocking is an essential process that is used to remove DC from the incoming AC main and dump it to grounds.

The first and most important benefit of DC blocking in mains is the protection of electrical equipment, including power supplies, transformers, and other sensitive electronic devices inclusive of passive speakers driven via a separate power amplifier. In some cases, DC can even cause fires or other safety hazards. By blocking DC in our balanced mains supplies, delicate audio electrical equipment is protected from these risks, ensuring that it operates safely and efficiently.

Another benefit of DC blocking in mains is improved power quality. Direct current can cause voltage fluctuations and other power quality issues that can affect the performance of electrical equipment. By blocking DC, the AC signal is further stabilized, ensuring that the delicate audio circuitry receives a steady and reliable supply of power. This improves the performance and lifespan of the connected equipment, also helping to reduce maintenance costs and increasing reliability.

In addition, DC blocking improves energy efficiency. Direct current can cause power losses in electrical equipment, reducing overall efficiency and increasing energy costs. By blocking DC, the AC signal is optimized and the attached equipment is able to work at its very best.

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