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Symphony 2A and 3A are constructed using discs formulated from an Aluminium Polymer Compound (APC). This form of compound gives aluminium superior resonant properties. Between these layers are Stainless Steel ball bearings. The center tuning forks are machined from a contrasting density of APC, which in turn dampens critical frequencies, aiding in the lateral movement of energy, converting vibrations into heat and reducing ringing, which can often be injected back into the equipment if not properly dealt with.

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Symphony 2S and 3S are constructed using a Stainless Steel disc structure. Between the discs are Ceramic ball bearings. The tuning forks are CNC machined in Brass and are perfectly weighted to contrast the Stainless Steel to aid in breaking up resonances, moving them laterally and dispersing them as small amounts of heat. A thick layer of 24ct gold is electro-plated directly onto the brass, in order to obtain an even softer buffer between it and the harder stainless steel, enhancing the tuning forks effectiveness in reducing oscilation.

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